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Life Coaching Benefits

Determine your life goals

Aim for realistic goals that will change your life quality for the best. Have a clear direction in mind and move accordingly.

Learn time management

Time management isn't just about being able to squeeze your entire to-do list into one day, but also estimating your capacity realistically.

Reach a work-life balance

Your satisfaction with your personal life makes you more productive and productive work leaves more time and energy for yourself.

Recognize and overcome your blind spots

With a second point of view, you'll be able to see the whole context from many angles so that there are no blind spots left.

HI I’m Molly Simpson!

After 9 years of working as a certified life coach, I’ve helped over 100 people develop new belief systems for themselves and their beloved ones, as well as overcome the self-sabotaging patterns in their lives. 

The workshop is dedicated to development through the principles of leadership. Every individual has the capabilities to build up on. We just have to find them deep down and choose the path to our next destination that’s worth the hike.

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Build Your Own Path to Happiness

Start with distinguishing your wants and your needs. And never forget to enjoy the process of making your way just as much as you enjoy the final result.

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